I paid my first visit to Australia as a backpacker in 1999.  I have been several times since, as you will have seen from my enties on here, more recently Adelaide in 2013.  I had visited every Australian State and Territory - including Tasmania - with the exception of Western Australia.  Until now, and that all changed in February 2016.  It wasn't that I was avoiding it prior, it is just that it is so far from the 'rest' of Australia that including it on a trip with the other States, which are largely situated on the eastern side of the country is not easy. 

Even so, even a seasoned visitor like myself didn't realise just how stunning Western Australia is.  One of the most remove "inhabited" places on earth, also it can be the hottest (it was 42'c for several days running on my visit) 

More to follow...

Believe it or not, an suburban beach in Perth.
Quakka selfie in Rottnest Island - not easy!
Cottesloe Beach, Perth